English as a Second Language


Choose your preferred learning style, material you wish to focus on, and Aaron will teach you based on your individual preferences. Aaron’s tried-and-true curriculum includes learning useful vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence building, and more!

Conversational English Course

  • Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Adjectives, and more
  • Gerunds, Infinitives, and Conjugations
  • Reading and Discussion
  • Survival English Topics
  • Grammar Corrections
  • Riddles, Role Play, Dialogues
  • Vocabulary Building

Business English Course

  • Formal vs Informal English
  • Dialogues and Role Play
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Job Interview Practice
  • Company Culture
  • Resume Building
  • Technical Vocabulary
  • Useful Phrases

IELTS and TOEFL Courses

  • Practice Real Test Questions
  • Time Limit Mock Tests
  • Build Advanced Vocabulary
  • Correct Your Mistakes
  • Useful Tips and Tricks
  • Useful Phrases
  • Logic and Critical Thinking

English Culture Course

  • History, Culture, Society
  • Politics and Government
  • England, America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and more
  • Fascinating Discussion
  • Controversies and Taboos
  • Folklore and Legend
  • Comparing and Contrasting
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CSC Class
Xi'an International Studies University
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